When you engage Standard International Group, you receive experienced and highly skilled professionals who will serve as your single point of contact. We will take the time to understand your needs, and ensure that all matters are carried out efficiently, confidentially, and to your complete satisfaction.

Standard International Group differentiates itself by closing transactions. We are further motivated by the resulting factors that include success fees and tombstones versus billable hours. Our specialized advice and reduced cost structure enables us to be less risk adverse particularly on long-term projects and thinly capitalized transactions.

Today’s business environment is highly volatile and operating in it successfully requires a full understanding of numerous influences: political, economic and industry specific matters. We recognized that accounting and reporting in the Caribbean and West Africa remains opaque, the concepts of corporate governance are hazy, and identifying disciplined management makes it almost impossible to value these companies on conventional measures of earnings, cash flow or dividend yield. We utilize our technical experience and relationships to help both the issuer and investment community in addressing these concerns.

Standard International Group prides itself in the cash flow modeling and credit analysis of a transaction that fits a comprehensive financing structure. We believe that a simple plan of finance coupled with a well-defined execution strategy is critical to the success of a transaction.

Over the years, Standard International Group has built both common and complex financial models for almost every area in the energy and infrastructure sector. We combine these analytics with an understanding of the credit risk factors for energy and infrastructure along with the sovereign/municipal credit considerations of our clients. We believe that this expertise is a part of what separates our capabilities from the competition.